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3 Aug

Your Complete Guide to the Perfect Push Up

At some point, we’ve always struggled at some point; in this case, we’ve struggled to do a push-up. Don’t worry because struggling to do a push-up is normal. So don’t be too hard on yourself, instead of practicing the perfect one. Good thing we’re here because we are going to teach you how. The thing is, for you to effectively and safely transition towards the more complicated fitness moves, you need to perfect the basics first before anything else.

Unfortunately, some people tend to jump this step, they push themselves to do one and end up hurting themselves or actually causing themselves a serious injury, and trust me you do not want that. I remember one time, one person decided that he’s too good to perfecting a push up that he neglected some of the basic precautions, leading himself to the ER, and that my friend, is where doctor advise you to stay out of the gym for months. Now, you don’t want to ruin the progress you just made, don’t you? So pay attention and don’t take shortcuts.

So here’s to keeping your muscles fine-tuned and injury-free, here’s one such move you should start working on: the push up. Just follow these easy tips to perfect your push up and get the most out of it.

1. First position: the high plankFirst off, you need to get into a high plank position. So keep your palms planted firmly on the ground, your elbows locked out, your arms fully extended and supporting your weight. Be sure to keep your core, your glutes, and your hamstrings engaged the whole time to get the maximum benefit from this exercise. Always keep your back flat and your whole body level the whole time too.

2. Second position: the low plankWith your back still flat, slowly bend your elbows and lower down towards the ground. Your neck should be neutral to prevent injuries. Your aim at this point is to be able to graze the floor with your chest.

3. Third position: back to high plank from your low plank position, push back up, extending your arms and returning to your first position: the high plank. So now you know the basics of push-up, I assume you won’t forget this, trust me, do not take shortcuts, nothing good will come out of things if you do things half-assed.

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